Photo Zooza Art Ekaterina Putilova

Hello, my name is Ekaterina Putilova, and I'm illustrator.


My journey began as the illustrator of a student newspaper, and later with the chief editor and illustrator of the journal "World Traditions". After him, I lived in Moscow for about 10 years, worked as a designer and illustrator, created patterns and prints for children's clothes (Bambinizon, Kogan Kids), and collaborated with Eksmo, AST, and OLMA publishers.

Tired of daily work at the computer, I decided to diversify my activities. At that time I had a big shaggy dog ​​that needed to be cut, and I learned to be a groomer. For 5 years I worked in the salon, delving into dog psychology and communicating with a huge number of interesting people. In the evenings and weekends, I continued to hone my illustration skills and started working with stocks.

Now I mainly deal with stock clipart, and also take orders for patterns and illustrations.

In 2008, I met my Lama, accepted the Buddhist Refuge, and since then I have been practicing Buddhism, which is the most important part of my life. That is why most of my painted animals meditate and enjoy life :) Life is not a serious thing and in fact not real, and therefore it is worthwhile first of all to enjoy every moment and give joy to others.

That I try to do as much as possible :)

Ekaterina Putilova Zooza Art photo with a cat